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Quotes from the Bishop & Pastors

Quotes About Via de Cristo
This page provides quotes from Lutheran pastors and the bishop of the NC Synod of the ELCA about Via de Cristo.
  • Leonard BolickRita and I attended a mixed weekend in 1993. We had been invited over and over by numerous friends, but had never scheduled the time to be away. It was an opportunity to hear, share, and feel God’s love. It is life-changing for many and I encourage others to consider the journey of a pilgrim on the Via de Cristo.

    — Bishop Leonard Bolick
    (Bishop Bolick was Bishop of the NC ELCA Synod from (1997  to August 2015)

  • Peter SetzerLike the majority of Lutheran pastors, I attended my first Weekend kicking and screaming. I didn’t need another meeting, and certainly not a whole weekend away from pressing parish responsibilities. When I observed what happened to 35 Lutheran men during those 70 hours, I knew I had been led to something that I had to support. Faith came alive in them to a far greater degree than I had ever witnessed in any other church event. I vowed, “Anything that gets faith-shy Lutheran men to talk to each other this way about Jesus is going to get my whole-hearted help”. Every weekend I have worked on since (over a dozen) produced the same results. I’ve been amazed! Do yourself a favor and sign up for a weekend.

    — Rev. C. Peter Setzer

  • Charles Zimmerman, PastorVia de Cristo simply means the Way of Christ. It’s a 3 day retreat that seeks to put us in touch with the heart of our faith, to rekindle the spark, to set us on the path again. Not only did I find the retreat to be deeply moving, but the follow-up support system continues to encourage the journey begun on the weekend… Whether you go on a Via de Cristo weekend or find some other way, the journey of faith requires both intention and support. It cannot be walked alone.

    — Rev. Charles M. Zimmerman, from sermon notes

  • George Kahl, PastorI have found within Via de Cristo a loyalty, a spirit of unity, and a deep spiritual concern which I believe to be unique and powerful. It has been a joy to learn that, within this circle of Christians, sharing of one’s life can be trusted with others and that sharing not be violated by being repeated to others. This is a mark of a valuable friend.

    — Rev. George Kahl