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NC Lutheran Synod Endorses Via de Cristo

In June of 1995 the North Carolina Synod Council adopted an endorsement policy to guide its response to numerous requests for endorsements that come to the bishop. Shortly thereafter, the President of the N.C. Eastern Via de Cristo Secretariat, Judy Keyes, and the Lay Director of the N.C. Western Via de Cristo Secretariat, J.D. Wegner, wrote letters to Bishop Mark Menees, D.D., bishop of the N.C. Synod, and Synod Council, requesting that their secretariats be endorsed. Their letters also included supportive information demonstrating that Via de Cristo aims and methods met the requirements of the policy guidelines. Following is the endorsement:

At its quarterly meeting held March 23, 1996 the Synod Council officially approved the endorsement of Via de Cristo and the related program for teens, “Teens Encounter Christ.”

This is good news! Official endorsement may bring an added measure of credibility to the movement and make it easier for pastors to be openly supportive. At the same time, it places an increased accountability on those in the movement to follow Synod guidelines. In North Carolina we are blessed with warm and supportive relationships with Synod leaders. Pastors in the Via de Cristo movement have been meeting together with the Bishop annually for prayer and conversation.

— Pastor Peter Setzer, Spiritual Director, National Via de Cristo Secretariat