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Team List – Mixed #28

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Mixed #28 – Team List

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Heart Cross

First Last Role
Jean Apple Head Palanca
Grady Beck Proffessor, Support
Gwen Beck Music Cha
Jackie Cole Action
Debbie Cormier Outside Cha
Terri Crouse Table Cha
Sally Earp Head Cha
Ron Erickson Outside Cha
Tim Eudy Proffessor, Support
Jan Gardner Head Outside
Stew Gardner Palanca Cha
Jennie Hallsey Kitchen Cha
Jim Hallsey Head Music
Michael Hansen Kitchen Cha
Shari Herbst Proffessor, Support
Dan Hill Outside Cha
Betty Huggins Chapel Cha
Dan Huggins Ideal
Carol Jenkins Chapel Cha
Jackie Johnson Outside Cha
Vicki Johnson Table Cha
Betty Jones Table Cha
Dick Kuklentz Table Cha
Mary Lu Kuklentz Head Chapel
Cherie Little Environment
Rev. Dick Little Head SD
Maurie Lockley Rector
Rev. Jim Lockley SD
Bev Lombard Assistant Rector
Bob Lovelace Table Cha
Jane Lovelace Kitchen Cha
Carla Loy Leaders
Rebecca Maness Piety
Donna Mayo Music Cha
Karen Montaperto Music Cha
Dean Nelson Laity
Martha Nelson Music Cha
Maria Perez Head Kitchen
Carolyn Pratt Assistant Rector
Lavonne Rhue Outside Cha
Sherry Rhye Head Rollo Room
Debbie Riggs Table Cha
Roger Setzer Outside Cha
Naydine Sharpe Kitchen Cha
Martin Shoffner Study
Martha Sink Palanca Cha
Hazel Smith Kitchen Cha
Rev. Bob Thompson SD
Ruth Thompson Proffessor, Support
Wanda Wallace Proffessor, Support
Bettielou Weddle Proffessor, Support
Lee Weddle Table Cha